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MEE & CO provides marine surveying services for small craft in Hong Kong, including sailing & motor yachts, junks, live-aboard houseboats & motor launches.
Principal Surveyor
John Hall graduated as a Commercial Marine Surveyor at the Australian Maritime College & holds a Diploma in Yacht & Boat Building from the Falmouth Marine College, UK. He has been conducting professional surveys, refits & repairs on yachts & small craft since 1991.

Small craft marine surveying services:
Condition surveys for insurance or pre-purchase purpose on vessels of steel, aluminium, wood, fibre reinforced plastic, composite and "ferro" construction
Yacht transport and pre-post shipping condition surveys. (If shipping to/from Australia we can provide service at both import and export locations)
Investigation & non-destructive testing for osmosis, delamination, corrosion, etc
Repair & maintenance consultation & management
Damage inspection & assessment 
Safety equipment audits
Sea trials
Wooden vessel specialisation
Magnetic compass adjustment  Details

n completion of a vessel condition survey, a detailed report on the findings of the inspection(s) is issued, tailored to the client's requirements.

The report pays particular regard, but is not limited, to the following:
Suitability for service, insurance & operational areas
General over-all condition & maintenance
Compliance with relevant authority codes
Structural & water/weather-tight integrity
Through-hull fittings, sea-valves, glands
Corrosion, osmosis, delamination, rot
Machinery, running gear & equipment
Fuel & water delivery & storage
Anchoring & mooring facilities 
Infestations (e.g. termites)
Safety issues & hazards
Bilges & bilge pumping
Fire fighting equipment
Navigation instruments
Life saving appliances
Environmental issues
Electrical installation
Sewage arrangements
Defects & potential problems
Mast & rigging (conditions apply)

Please note that the Surveyor's findings are relayed only to the Client. The Surveyor will notify third parties of findings only if instructed to by the Client, or it is considered that action is required to prevent damage or avoid danger.

It is the vessel owner's responsibility to ensure the vessel is prepared for survey, with adequate & safe access to the boat, spaces & equipment. Sea trials are conducted if approriate safety equipment is available & the vessel is considered to be seaworthy.


Surveys are conducted & reports prepared to standards & guidlines adopted by the following:
Local Vessels Safety Section of the Marine Department, HKSAR
Recreational Craft Directive 2003/44/EU
Maritime & Coastguard Agency (UK)
American Boat & Yacht Council
Australian Maritime Safety Authority
International Regulations For Preventing Collisions At Sea (COLREGS)(IMO)
Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) Convention (IMO)
International Standards Organization
International Institute of Marine Surveying
Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors
Generally accepted good seamanship practices

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